We understand starting or joining a new gym is daunting as you don’t know if 1, we are a good fit, 2, if you are going to stick with it, and 3, if we are worth the money and you wonder why can’t you just do it yourself at Planet Fitness?

Unfortunately, there’s a reason most people fail on their own and most people are signed up to some sort of program, whether that’s online or at a local place like ours.

To help you stay on track during the speed bumps and to give you pointers when you need them, it’s nice to have a dependable place (and coach!) that can make sure you attain the type of body and lifestyle that you want!

As a beginner at TFW, we like to ease you in to your first month at TFW, whether that is nutrition or training, and keep approaching your success and journey on a personal level, meaning meeting you where you are at.

We will check in with you as often as possible, especially once a month during weigh-ins (you don’t always have to use the scale if you don’t want to), but to make sure you know that what you think is what you are doing and what you should be doing are totally different things, we’ll help explain the difference and also explain why everything up to this point with that same mentality hasn’t been working for you.

You can count on us being supportive and understanding if you haven’t been consistent or are out of shape.

We’ll also be able to push you if you are someone who knows what to do, but needs to take it up a notch!

We got your back — Sign up now for a 30 day trial at TFW and see for yourself what we’re really all about!

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