She’s 29 years old and grew up on a farm in Warren, Rhode Island. Her fitness journey began around 2016 when she discovered her passion for working out and weight training.

“I love coaching because I enjoy being able to deliver the information I’ve obtained over the years to others. I love watching people achieve their goals and progress in their journeys!”

You’re sure to get a ton of smiles, energy, and for some reason, she makes some really hard stuff seem much more fun!


Mike grew up on the north shore of Massachusetts, went to school in VT, and has his masters in Kinesiology. While super knowledgeable in all types of fitness and nutrition, he created TFW to give people a simple template to follow to get better and that transitioned into the simple coaching style at TFW. Being a huge sports fan, he’s learned that leadership breaks down to setting people up for success and giving them the one or two things they need to do to succeed.

Having worked to regain a lot of “lost” self confidence while growing up, he’s become a steadfast believer that you can become anything if you just believe it, put yourself around the right people, and keep doing the baby steps necessary to eventually succeed. If you ever say “I can’t” around Mike he’ll make sure that you prove it to yourself that you can!


Jen has been a coach at TFW since 2017 and started out as a member in the program. She quickly fell in love with the programming, culture, and results. She thought she could make a bigger impact in the community by helping people just like her get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle! She loves motivating others to get out of their comfort zones to prove to themselves that they can actually get the results they are looking for if they stick with it!

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